A Busy Mom Reads: Book Reviews | September 2018

The past several weeks are a blur. Between sports and school schedules for three kids (K through 7th), starting up Bible study again, and adding a newborn to our family, my free time has been pretty much non-existent. And thus, I’ve fallen behind on my reading. This month, I only managed to complete two books.

(I did start a third one, but I ran out of time to finish it before it was due back to the library.)

Monthly book reviews from a busy mom who loves to read.

Here’s what this busy mom read in September…

Everything She Didn’t Say by Jane Kilpatrick*

three stars

Memoirs are not my favorite style of book, and this book read much like a memoir. I would have much preferred the author turn it into a novel rather than diary-like entries. I had a really difficult time engaging with the story and/or connecting with the characters.

That said, it was interesting to read about the travels of Robert and Carrie Strahorn as they were pioneers in the West.

I do usually enjoy this author’s writing, but this particular title missed the mark for me. I look forward to reading a different genre from her in the future.

A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris*

three and a half stars

I loved that this book grabbed my attention on page one with an action scene, and it didn’t let up until the final period. I had no problem losing myself in the story, wanting to turn page after page to see what happened next.

Suspense-wise, this was a well-developed plot with lots of twists and turns – most of which I didn’t see coming.

I found myself able to connect with the characters and be drawn into their world. Cheering the two main characters on was an easy thing to do.

I did find the writing to be a bit disconnected in a few places. Details seemed to be missing in a few spots, the faith portions seemed a little bit forced and out of place, and I’m not sure I felt like the ending was fully fleshed out.

All-in-all though, I enjoyed this quick suspense thriller and look forward to future titles from this author.

*I was provided with pre-release digital access to this title, compliments of the publishing company, in order to share my honest review.