Slithering Salamanders [a K-Learner Link-up]

My kids are creature-crazy and they love finding critters in our yard. A few weeks ago, Daddy found a salamander while mowing the grass, and it became our school for the rest of the day.

slithering salamanders

Slithering Salamanders

One of the fun things about homeschooling the kids is that we can learn whatever we want whenever we want. Case in point: when Daddy finds a salamander during the middle of working on math, we can put it away until tomorrow and spend the rest of the day observing and learning about the salamander!

Slithering Salamanders |

We trapped the salamander in a bucket, then found a “closed” container to better observe him.

Slithering Salamanders |

Jenny and David got out the magnifying glass, digital camera, and an observation notebook and got to work checking out their “new friend.”

Slithering Salamanders |

Jenny was even brave enough to hold the salamander, until we found out that it probably wasn’t a very good idea to do so.

photo 4

Jenny drew a picture of the salamander in her observation notebook and wrote down three observations.

Slithering Salamanders |

We even Googled salamanders and found a website that helped us learn some more fun facts:


Free Animal Observation Notebooking Page

Download a FREE animal observation notebooking page by click on the image below.

Animal Observation Notebooking Page


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