Beef Stew and Noodles – a Simple Family Dinner

Dinner at our house has to be simple, and this Beef Stew and Noodles recipe is one of our family’s favorite all-in-one meals.

Beef Stew and Noodles recipe


Beef Stew and Noodles

If you have 10 minutes, you have enough time to get a simple, yet complete, meal on the table for your family. This Beef Stew and Noodles recipe takes only 8 minutes to prepare from start to finish (not including waiting for your water to boil).

Beef Stew and Noodles



Beef Stew and Noodles  - Ingredients

  1. Cook one package of egg noodles according to package instructions.
    {Most require you to boil the noodles 6-8 minutes.}
  2. Once the noodles are cooking, dump two cans of beef stew into a microwave-safe dish and heat through {about 5-6 minutes}.
  3. Drain the noodles and combine both the beef stew and noodles in one dish.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

{Serves 4-6}


What are some of YOUR favorite Simple Family Dinners??


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