Juggling Life – Taking It One Day at a Time

I’m a wife and a mom. That should be enough to juggle right? Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy, but I’ve thrown about twenty other things into the mix, and some days it’s all I can do to keep the plates in the air.

How Do You Juggle Life

Failure Is a Part of Life

There are times when I’ve failed miserably and have to pick the pieces back up one by one.

It’s OK to admit that you’ve failed. It’s OK to have to say “I’m Sorry” and move on. It’s OK to say “No, I can’t do that right now.”

I Can’t Do It All

I’ve learned that I can’t do it all… so I don’t do it all.

Trying to “do it all” will only lead to burnout and resentment. Learning to let go of the guilt that comes with trying to be all things to all people (I’m a people-pleaser by nature) allows me to focus on what God has for me in this season.

Different Seasons, Different Balance

Each season of life looks different, and I find that I am continually having to re-evaluate to determine what things my life needs to include and which things need to be put on the back burner or completely eliminated.

It’s so important to find balance each and every day:

There are times when I simply have to let go of things and say “goodbye” in order to maintain the balance in my life. It’s a constant juggling and balancing act that can only be accomplished through constant communion with God in prayer.

When Two Worlds Collide

When you work outside the home, there is usually someone else caring for and/or educating your kids. When you stay at home with your kids, nine times out of ten your “job” is solely their care and/or education.

What happens when you work (outside the home and/or from home) AND take on the responsibility of caring for and/or educating your kids? When these two worlds collide, the world looks on with awe and wonder, and yet if you’re a part of this “unique” group of parents, you know it’s nothing more than yet another juggling act.

Recently, I joined a panel of working and homeschooling moms, talking about how we manage to do both… it IS possible!

Juggling with Jesus

I think the key to all of this has to be walking with Christ on a daily basis. When I try to juggle life or find balance on my own, I end up failing miserably – and it affects everyone around me negatively.

Only when I stay in constant communion with Christ through prayer and spending time in the Bible on a regular basis can I rely on His guidance to know which plates need to be in the air and His strength to keep them there.

A Great Resource

It’s not easy to keep your focus as a parent, especially when you’re busy juggling all of the other responsibilities life throws your way.

Parenting effectively and in accordance with the Word of God requires supernatural strength – a super power, if you will – to make you a superhero parent: prayer.

The best part of this super power? It’s FREE and you can access it ANY time. (And I would advise accessing it OFTEN!!)

Grab a free copy of this great resource that will encourage and equip you to tackle any parenting scenario with the power of prayer!

Superhero Parenting eBook by Ashley Pichea

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How Do You Juggle?