Dating My Husband for Under $10

I’m frugal. And by frugal, I mean cheap. And even though I want to make my marriage a priority this year, I’m struggling to “put my money where my mouth is” in order to hire a babysitter and go out on dates with my husband. So when my mother-in-law asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I decided that I wanted “a weekly date night.”

She agreed to watch our kids one night a week so that we can spend a few hours of uninterrupted time together, so now it’s up to us to determine what to do with those precious hours of childless time together. I decided to try to come up with a list of date night ideas that were free or cost less than $10.

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Dating My Husband for Under $10

Dating My Husband for Free

  • take a walk/hike
  • play a card game (we like UNO or Skip-Bo)
  • watch a movie (we have a large library of DVDs and BluRays)
  • play tennis (we own two rackets and a bag of balls)
  • give massages
  • visit the library
  • go swimming at the YMCA
  • play video games together
  • do a Bible study (or faith-based book study) together

Dating My Husband for $5 or Less

  • half-priced appetizers or happy hour at a local restaurant (or use coupons)
  • rent a new movie from Redbox
  • split a dessert at a local restaurant
  • go out for coffee
  • buy a new jigsaw puzzle and put it together
  • play racquetball

Dating My Husband for $10 or Less

  • go minigolfing
  • go bowling
  • go to a cheap movie
  • get takeout
  • rent a canoe
  • go to an arcade
  • go out to breakfast (one of our favorites)
  • go to a local sporting event

I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my husband sans kids, and maybe he’ll even have some good ideas to add to this list!

What inexpensive date ideas do you enjoy with your spouse?

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Dating My Husband for Under $10

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