Celebrate World Sleep Day

Did you know that March 15th is World Sleep Day?!? Here are some great articles on sleep for busy families – bedtime routines for kids, essential oils to help you fall asleep, best beds on a budget, and more.

Sleep. It’s a busy mom’s best friend, and yet, she never seems to get enough. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

As a busy mom of five, I have two major sleep struggles:

  • kids who don’t sleep (busy brains that never shut down)
  • kids at both ends of the sleep cycle (two are generally up until I go to bed, and one who is my alarm clock in the mornings)

Finding ways to help my kids go to sleep and stay asleep is key for me getting any sleep. And having a comfortable bed and getting sound sleep is key for me waking up feeling refreshed.

Celebrate World Sleep Day on March 15

Tips for Better Sleep on World Sleep Day

As it’s World Sleep Day today, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the sleep/bedtime articles we’ve shared in the past…

Best Hybrid King Mattress Under $500

Busy parents don’t have time to sit and wade through hundreds of options when shopping for the best hybrid king mattress under $500. I’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to. Keep reading to see why these king mattresses made my short list.

Better Sleep During Pregnancy and Beyond

With all the changes to your body during pregnancy, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. After several months of struggling with sleep, we made a budget-friendly change to our bed that has resulted in better sleep during pregnancy and beyond.

Our Favorite Essential Oils for Sleep

We have our fair share of bedtime struggles. Our better bedtime routine has helped, along with incorporating the use of essential oils. Using essential oils for sleep helps the kids to settle down quicker and fall asleep faster.

New Mom’s Sleep Survival Guide

Most new moms find getting adequate sleep to be a challenge. Getting up constantly during the night is disruptive to quality sleep, and you’re not alone if you’re feeling exhausted and irritable. This survival guide will help you get more quality sleep and offer some coping strategies to make the temporary sleep loss easier to bear.

Mommy Hates Bedtime: Developing a Better Bedtime Routine

I love my kids. And I love spending time with my kids. But as an introvert who needs alone time, by the time bedtime arrives, my people level is starting to wear thin and I’m ready to be done parenting for the day. Unfortunately, bedtime seems to be a daily test of both my patience and consistency in parenting.

Essential Oils for Better Sleep

We love using essential oils for better sleep at our house. Whether we use them topically (the Counting Sheep blend roller is a favorite) or aromatically (I love diffusing Peace and Quiet at bedtime), they are frequent flyers at bedtime!

RMO Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Rocky Mountain Oils is my favorite source for quality essential oils (here’s why I choose RMO).

They’ve put together a great resource in this list of essential oils for better sleep.

Essential Oils for Better Sleep

I think I may to stock up on a few of these soon!